• Making and building a liveable place with private places for the members and community-use places, like kitchen, strorages, workshop places, library, sound studio, office and computer and internet room, etc.
  • Using sustainable lifestyle as much us possible: using natural materials, create our tools and things for use in everyday life, learning the basic professions, share our knowlegde, resources, worktimes, material things, and cooperate with other communities and associations. We would like to repair our things to give longer life for them.
  • Protecting the nature and the Mother Earth: cleaning natural places from rubbish, knowledge-sharing workshops for protect the nature, making publications, making actions. Because this is the place for living for all of us, and not just for human beings. We have to respect it and conservate it for the next generations, for our childrens, because this modern civilization is destroying the Earth. We would like to live in harmony with the nature.
  • Making our knowledge database and share it between our members and publicate some of ours. Create a library, collect books, collect digital documentaries and e-books. Basic themes: sustainable life, real professions, natural building, organic and permaculture gardening, community building, arts and creativity, electronics, mechanics, sound recording and mastering, instruments, natural healing, human history, plants and animals, etc.
  • Learning real professions and making workplace and workshop place for them, like: smith, healer, joiner, mason, carpenter, gardenere, shepherd, metal-worker, ceramic-worker, wood-worker, teacher, tool-maker, mechanics, electronics, etc.
  • Making a website and facebook page for our projects, events, thinkings and writings, sounds, workshops, photos, and collecting donations for our projects.
  • Recycling: it is a way for save the resources on the Earth and produce less rubbish. We would like to use recyclated materials for create something useful for us, like furnitures from palets, mosaic art from broken ceramics, wind generator from used old metals parts, windows from glass bottles, arts and handcrafts from trash materials, etc.
  • Producing as less rubbish as possible and collecting it selectively and re-using the natural materials.
  • Making and organising our cultural events, workshops, celebrations, common dancing, jam sessions, parties, talking and knowladge-sharing events, healing events (yoga, meditations, reiki, massage), sharing market between friends and other communities, hiking events, juggling and juggling toy making events, creative events. Publicate them in our websites.
  • Creating arts, decorations, handcrafts, photos, musics, sculptures for our community place and our events and for our friends.
  • Making workshop places for our members: metal workshop, electronic workshop, wood workshop, ceramic workshop, clothes workshop, creative (handcraft) workshop, ceramic workshop, music workshop (sound studio), digital workshop (computer and internet room), food worksop (driers, making cheese, making conservasions).
  • Making a sound studio for recording and making music, storing our friends’ instruments (and use it for recordings and jam sessions), repearing and making sound systems and instruments, collecting and building music maker hardwares (analogs and digitals also), making a practicing and recording room for bands or our friends for practicing and recording music, making a studio computer room for digital works and mastering and creating music in digital ways.
  • Repearing our friends instruments and making our instruments from natural materials (didgeridoo and jambe from agave poles and goat skin) or recíclated materials.
  • Making a music label and netlabel for releases our and our friends’ music.
  • Recording mixes in different music styles (psychedelic trance, goa trance, deep and dub techno, deep and minimal house, spiritual and world music, ambient and chill out, folk and classical music, healing and meditation music, balkan and gypsy music, dub and reggae, psychedelic and space rock) and publicate them.
  • Creating tools, materials, furnitures, handcrafts, things for everyday use for our community and for our friends.
  • Workaway, work sharing with our friends and other communities and volunteers for helping and knowing more deeper each other.
  • Having some volunteers who wants to help and participate in our activities.
  • Having and making for our members healthy, stressless life, healthy food, healthy thinkings and lifestyle.
  • Making a community garden without using chemicals. Basicly this food can be for our members, but the leftover part we can exchange with others. We want to get seeds from seedbanks what are not genetically modified and not illegal for grow. We want to learn and practice permaculture. We would like to grow all the things what our community need, like weat, cooking oil, fruits, vegetales, herbs, healing plants, superfood plants, mushrooms, etc.
  • Making juggling workshops: teaching jugglings, creating juggling toys and tools.
  • Making bicycle workshops: hiking by bikes, bike repairing workshop, extreme biking, making biking sport field, building bicycles and bicycle trailers and accessories.
  • Learning and sharing natural healing methods: healing plants, massage, yoga, reiki, meditation, sound healing, etc.
  • Learning natural building methods (clay, adobe, staw bale, glass, tadelakt, wood, ceramics, …)
  • Keeping some animals for our community: goats, chickens, horse, bees, composting worms, donkeys
  • Building a resource-based community, when the members shares a lots of thing between them and between friends (helpers and other community members), like material things, food, tools, profession-works, car, ideas, knowledges, etc.
  • Building a community net with other communities and friends (helpers) in Canary Islands for share our resources and works and knowledges and exchange things.
Black Hole Design hand-painted projection in a party. Photo by László Ocskó

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