Basic Thoughts

We are planing to make a nonprofit cultural association for reach our goals and dreams together, with an official group. You can read our goals and planned activities of us at the mext menu. If everything goes good, our association will be exist at this year, we hope.

We are building a sustainable way community, and we hope in the next 5 year we will able to produce our healthy food, useful tools and other needings for ourself. We will put up our running or planned projects to this website and we will start collecting donations for its. We will share some knowledge about sustainalbe life, webpages, digital libraries, websites about organic gardening, permaculture, real (valuable) professions, do-it-yourself projects, arts, music, community building, etc.

We are kind of open, if you feel, you want to be a part of it, connect us: palmester (at), info (at), of on facebook: Pálmester, Kids Of The Sun. We need some more good persons who wants to do seriously what is writen in the next menus: goals and activities.

Our community kitchen at the Rabbit Holes. Photo by Pálmester