• Create a nonprofit, cultural association for our friends and members to realize our dreams together.
  • Some years later we would like to become a nonprofit cultural foundation.
  • Create sustainable life for our community members as much as possible, with sharing our resources.
  • Having our culture and celebrations and community events.
  • Getting a place for our community for the home of our association.
  • Having a car (a van)
  • Having a bank account for the association and collecting donations for our goals.
  • Making our cultural events, knowledge-sharing workshops, celebrations, workaway events and parties – open for all, who are interesed in.
  • Making and creating our knowledge database (library, digital documentaries, e-books, etc).
  • Making an organic community garden without using chemicals and genetically modified seeds. Some years later we would like to make permaculture gardening.
  • Making a sound studio for create, record and release our music.
  • Making different workshop places for repairing, creating and teaching things and professions.
  • Having healthy, stessless, free, sustainable life in this community as much as possible.
  • Using as less money as possible.
  • Helping each other with other communities, associations, creative and sustainable groups.
Donation based bar for foods and driks / Photo by László Ocskó

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