I think, our modern civilisation is going into very bad direction. If we, human beings will continue the same lifestyle, soon we will destroy our civilization and will make irreversible destruction in the Earth’s ecosystem and biodiversity. I think, the capitalism will collapse and the main system have to turn into something different (like resource-based economy) in the next 10 years. We have to make some big change.

I think the best way to keep going on our life in good level, the people should make little communities around the world. This little communities can make sustainable life, producing themself the bigest part of their needings, like fruits, vegetables, milk, cheese, eggs, corn, wheet, olive oil, tools, furnitures, clothes, medicines, etc. Like in the older times in a little village or in a tribal community. Without using money inside. With exchange, worksharing, knowledge-sharing, cultural-sharing events with the other friends communities.

Writen by Pálmester

Basic rules for community living. Photo by Pálmester
Cave house entrance. Photo by Pálmester
Our community area. Photo by Pálmester
Ocean view at La Caleta. Photo by Pálmester
Hiking in the nature with friends. Photo by Pálmester

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