re-pair, re-create, re-think, re-duce

  • REFUSE: single use – don’t consume what you don’t need to.
  • REDUCE: reduce consumption of energy and materials
  • REUSE: everything – share with others – find new uses for old objects
  • REPAIR: before you replace – fix or upgrade your objects rather than throwing them away
  • REGIFT: share, and be the part of the gift economy
  • REFURBISH: old stuff
  • REPURPOSE: be creative, reinvent
  • RECOVER: energy and materials recovery – upcycle
  • RECYCLE: last option – close the loop and remake, reuse the materials
  • RETHINK: your choises – be mindful of your consumption, your relationship with ‘things’ and your relationship with the Earth and the Nature

Recycling: it is a way for save the resources on the Earth and produce less rubbish. We would like to use recyclated materials for create something useful for us, like furnitures from palets, mosaic art from broken ceramics, wind generator from used old metals parts, windows from glass bottles, arts and handcrafts from trash materials, etc.

picture from internet

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