Sach.Aqa Wawa

SACH’AQA WAWA which means ‘CHILD OF THE JUNGLE’ in Qechua language already discovered her passion for psytrance music with 15 Years. 3 years later she listened a Dark Psychedelic Set from “Dark Whisper”. She totally felt in love with this psychedelic influenced fusing with ethnic cultures. Special frequencies to activate inner states of memory consciousness allowing the listener to explore the cymatic body , mind and spirit tuning , while giving a message to the humanity on the whole.

This exotic style of Dark starts from 150 BPM and goes up to over 200 BPM…

After lots of years travelling the world ,dancing and growing to the wonderful sounds of different artitsts… she finally played her first DJSet at the “Trance needs women” party 2019 from KIDS OF THE SUN in Tenerife with the music she collected over the years. Since that she is working with a lot of motivation to get better with mixing and is planning to produce her own style of Dark Psychedelic Music inspired by her favourite artist, whos music “kept her alive” in difficult times.

“We are all developing, struggling and striving for a better world and music is the key to unlock this state of realisation, the dance is the ritual, if wisely understood. Holding light by exposing the shadows with a dark whisper. Music is energy as too is you.” (D.W)

Sach.Aqa Wawa
Sach.Aqa Wawa
Sach.Aqa Wawa @ Trance Needs Women party 2019
Photo by Claudia Pali

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